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‘History should be an enquiry waiting to happen...’

A Brumby 2019


At Mevagissey School we encourage children to delve and investigate into the subject of History. We like to inspire and feed their curiosity about times gone by, people and key events.


We empower them with the tools to discover and provide the children with experiences that make History come alive.  We incorporate trips, people’s accounts, sources and artefacts to inspire in all year groups to give them the enthusiasm to find out more!


At Mevagissey school we provide children with a fun and exciting approach to History that we hope enables them to be lifelong learners. We hope that the hands-on approach with sources and visits inspire them to want to find out more. We provide the children with the skills to question information that they are presented with and use their own knowledge to make decisions and find answers.


How reliable is the source that they have presented with? Was there a bias from the person / people presenting the source?

These are all valuable skills to continue their learning journey! 

Please click below to see our Key progression skills for History. We use these to ensure the progression of skills are taught in our mixed year groups.

We follow a topic approach at Mevagissey Primary School which enables us to have a range of Historical learning incorporated into the topic for each half term.

It could be that in Year 2 children make comparisons through Mevagissey past and present through their topic of ‘Street Detectives’. Teaching history through a specific time period/ main event enables the children and adults to become fully submerged into the time period.


Another fantastic example of this is in Year 6 where the children make Victorian cooking recipes and gave them the taste test! Whilst focusing on a topic we encourage them to research any pressing questions that they may have which can take the learning on a new direction.


We encourage the children to offer their own ideas and present them with sources including photographs/ artefacts and witness accounts. We encourage them to share their own thoughts on what they are presented with and encourage them to question the ‘Who, Why, When, How, What’.