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Seals Class

Welcome to Seals Class!


 Our teachers are Miss Ashley-Cooper and Miss Hartley. 



Autumn 1 Topic - History - Invasion

This project teaches the children about life in Britain after the Roman withdrawal. Children will learn about Anglo-Saxon and Viking invasions up to the Norman Conquest.


The Anglo-Saxons were more menacing than the Vikings, and the English  language can prove it - The Local


Autumn 2 Topic - Geography - The Water Cycle

Children to Learn how the Water Cycle works and its impact on the environment.




Other Curriculum Areas


Science:  States of Matter and Properties and changes of materials

PSHE:  Being a Citizen of my country

Geography:  Human and Physical Features

PE: Go Active 

ICT: Sharing Information

RE: Hinduism

Music:  Ballad ‘Make You Feel My Love’

Art & Design: Improve techniques through drawing, painting and sculpture







Y5 Place Value within 100,000 and Addition and Subtraction

Y4 Place Value within 10,000 and Addition and Subtraction

This unit builds on Year 4 work on numbers within 10,000 to further develop children’s sense of number, working with numbers within 100,000. It also builds on previous experience of comparing, ordering and rounding numbers.

In the second part of  term, children build on their knowledge of addition and subtraction by adding and subtracting 4-digit numbers. It will extend their knowledge of addition and subtraction using formal methods for numbers with up to 5 digits.



English - Our novel study

There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom: Rejacketed

In English this term, we will be studying There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom by Louis Sachar. We will be writing a diary entry from a different perspective, a story with issues and dilemmas, a balanced argument and a persuasive letter. The grammar objectives covered this term will be  modal verbs, adverbs, formal and informal language, persuasive devices, rhetorical questions, parenthesis and relative clauses. 


Other information



Each Friday, the children will receive a new set of spellings. They will be tested on these spellings and timetables the following Friday.  Also, to practise their timetables, the children can access Timetables Rockstars, Sumdog and the sheets for the 99 club can be found on the school’s website. In the front of



Reading at home signatures 5 x a week. These will be checked daily. The idea is to listen to your child read and talk about what they have read to help with understanding of different types of stories and texts.


PE day

Our P.E day is a Friday. Please bring in your full P.E kit to change into at school.


Useful info

Children should bring a water bottle, healthy snack and a coat every day.