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Seals Class

Welcome to Seals Class!


 Our teachers are Miss Ashley-Cooper, Miss Hartley and Mrs Meacock. 



The units the children will be learning this term:
Children will be learning equivalent fractions, improper fractions to mixed numbers, mixed numbers to improper fractions, number sequences, compare and order less than 1, compare and order more than 1, add and subtract fractions, add fractions within 1, add 3 or more fractions, add fractions, add mixed numbers, subtract fractions, subtract mixed numbers, subtract 2 mixed numbers, multiply by an integer, fraction of an amount, and fractions as operators.
Decimals and Percentages:
Children will be learning decimals up to two decimal places, decimals as fractions, understand thousandths, thousands as decimals, rounding decimals, order and compare decimals, understand percentages, percentages as fractions and decimals, and equivalent FDP (equivalent fractions decimals and percentages). 

Other Curriculum Areas


Science:  Forces - gravity, air resistance, water resistance, friction and mechanisms

PSHE:  Relationships

PE: Go Active

ICT: Game Creator

RE: Sikhism

Music:  Djembe

Art & Design: Kapow - Every Picture Tells a Story





English - Our Novel Study


Book Blurb:

13-year old Lily’s life is in mortal danger after her father disappears following a Zeppelin crash.  Helped by Robert, the local clock maker's son and her shrewd mechanical fox Malkin, Lily is determined to find the truth behind her father’s disappearance.  Shadowy figures lurk behind every corner plunging Lily and Robert into a dastardly and dangerous world full of twists and turns.


Peter Bunzl is an author, filmmaker and animator. Having studied at art and film school, Peter had a succesful animation career before becoming a children's writer. His quirky tales of indiviuality, family and humanity, including the bestselling Cogheart series, have won many awards.


By the end of this unit I will be able to write…

-          A character description

-          Create and describe their own mechanimal

-          Action scene

-          Informal letter 

-          Setting description

-          Adventure story in an imaginary world

Other writing opportunities that will help me practise my skills:

-          Newspaper report

-          Job advert and job application

Literary devices I will be practising throughout this writing journey:

-          Character descriptions

-          Show not tell

-          Varied sentence length to build tension

-          The importance of powerful verbs, adverbs, adjectives

-          Personifications

-          Drop in clause with -ing verb

-          Drop in -ed clause

-          Formal and Informal Language

-          The Importance of Editing 

-          Modal Verbs of possibility and obligation

-          Persuasive Devices

-          Metaphors

-          Colons to start a list

-          Headings and subheadings

-          Editing sentences by either expanding or reducing for meaning and effect

-          Alan Peat ‘with a (n) action, more action' sentence

-          Alan Peat ‘3 bad - (dash) question?' sentence



Other information



Each Monday, the children will receive a new set of spellings. They will be tested on these spellings and times-tables on the Friday morning of that same week. 

Also, to practise their times-tables, the children can access Timetables Rockstars, Sumdog, Timestable.co.uk and the sheets for the 99 club can be found on the school’s website.



Reading at home; signatures 5 x a week. These will be checked daily. The idea is to listen to your child read and talk about what they have read to help with understanding of different types of stories and texts. 5 reads a week will qualify your child for a Friday reading treat.


PE day

This half term, our P.E day is a Friday. Please bring in your full P.E kit to change into at school. (Please double check each half term as our days may change).


Useful info

Children should bring a filled water bottle, healthy snack, reading record, reading book and a coat every day.








Summer 1 Topic - History - Dynamic Dynasties

This project allows children to study part of the ancient history of China; the Shang Dynasty.