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Starfish Class

Welcome to Starfish class!


Starfish is the first class children join when they start their journey of learning through Mevagissey School. Our learning is fun, exciting, challenging and encouraging. Our teachers are Mrs Hoare, Miss Martin, Mrs Gilbert and Miss Gibson.




Children will be starting to recognise and write numbers to 6,7,8, then moving into Building 9 and 10 and 20 and Beyond. We will be focusing on subitising amounts to 10 and beyond as well as developing an in depth understanding for these numbers. The children will be learning counting rhymes to support their understanding and love for numbers.

We will move into practical adding and subtraction as the term progresses, as well as developing an understanding for 1 more/less and whole and part, which will support understanding the part-whole model further in the year.


Early Reading and Writing

Phonics will continue daily through Read, Write, Inc. Some children will be learning to write some sounds they can hear in words, moving onto write small words and short captions. Summer term will see the children begin to read ditties, red books or green books as part of their lessons, as well as practicing them and developing confidence when segmenting and blending words fluently at home with an adult. 


Being a 'Novel Study School', will be studying 2 focus texts in Summer 1 (Handa's Surprise and Sadie Sprocket builds a rocket). We hope this will allow the children to develop a love for familiar texts and develop using a range of new exciting vocabulary, as well as applying their phonics skills taught in RWI. 


Children will choose their favourite story (choice of 2 books a day) at the beginning of each day, which we will listen to at the end of the day. We will also listen to 3 other stories from our familiar text pallet, during the day, to again develop a love for familiar books and enjoy more new exciting vocabulary.

We will continue to visit the school library once a week, so the children can carry on making independent selections for the pictures books they wish to take home and share with an adult. 


Sharing achievements

Seesaw - We use Seesaw to communicate and share amazing moments in class, but you can also use this to send us 'WOW' moments from home too! 


Topics - Summer


I wonder what is out there…


This open ended topic will allow the children to use their own knowledge and experiences to share why we use light. The children will learn about a contrasting country in our novel study of Handa's Surprise and move onto finding out what is out there in space!


I wonder who lives there…


We will be visiting our local beach weekly to help explore what lives there and look closely at how living things live and survive.

Our topics are 'open-ended' to allow us to follow the interests of the children and let them lead us in their and direction of choice.
Outdoor Schools 

In outdoor schools, we will continue to explore our immediate surroundings and learning about manmade and natural materials.

The children will collect natural materials to use to create representations of people and events, linked to our novel studies, Science (Understanding the World) and RE (People and Communities).

They will make a tasty meal to go in the 'Runaway Wok' and tell an adult what they have put in it, paint a tiger using sticks, create a world for dinosaurs and use materials to make a dinosaur skeleton!


Daily homework

Starfish Class

With an adult

Sharing a weekly nursery rhyme

Sharing a library book

Read, Write Inc. Set 1 sounds book

Practicing forming Set 1 sounds correctly 

Reading and writing red 'tricky' words

Practicing Ditty sheets at home


Dressing and Undressing

Putting on and doing up our coats

Putting our shoes on the right feet