Beach School Summer Term 2017

We were very excited in the summer term to be able to launch Beach school to Starfish and Dolphin classes. The children returned from half term to discover a lot of debris on our school field. The police and fire service attended and when the area was pronounced safe, the children investigated. The children deduced and inferred from the evidence that a pirate must have been here!

And they were right! Later that morning a pirate turned up at our school. He told us that he had been shipwrecked on Polstreath beach and had been using our school field as a safe haven. His name was Pirate Finnigan Silvarus and asked the children to help him get back to his crew. He had been sent ashore to find the long lost treasure of Mevagissey Bay. He had been sent with a treasure map, but it had ripped in the shipwreck and he only had one piece of it left.

Each week the children helped Pirate Finnigan with learning about beach safety and survival, creating posters and a pirate trail to help his crew find him, they created sand sculptures and sang sea shanties to try and attract the pirate crew, they designed, made and tested rafts to try and work out which materials would be best to help Finnigan make a boat to get back to his crew and every time they discovered something to help him, they wrote it all down and sent it to him and with the children's help he got back to his crew. They even found the missing pieces of the map! It turned out that the long lost treasure of Mevagissey Bay was buried in our school field. We followed the map and dug it up and Skyped Pirate Finnigan to tell him the good news. He was so thankful that the children had helped him get back to his crew that he said they could keep the treasure!


Look at the photos for all the fun we had: