Jellyfish class

Welcome to Jellyfish Class!

In the first half-term our main topic is Plastic Pollution. We will be considering why plastic is fantastic and what problems plastic is causing for our planet. As part of our topic we will be visiting the Recycling centre and discovering what happens to our plastic after it is collected by the recycling lorry. The children will be writing recounts about how plastic is made and how it is recycled. We will be reading an environmental story 'The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle.' We will also be reading Manfish – The Story of Marine Environmentalist Jacques Cousteau and the children will write their own Manfish to the Rescue Story. In art and design technology the children will be up-cycling plastic bottles and milk cartons.

In Science we will be exploring plants and we will investigate whether flowering plants need leaves . The children will learn to identify parts of a flower and the role they place in pollination. The children will write about the processes of pollination and fertilization and consider their place in the life cycle of a plant, before exploring how different plants disperse their seeds. In addition our French topic will be based on Les Legumes (Vegetables) and the children will practise shopping in French and asking for different amounts of vegetables.

In the 2nd half term the children will be exploring Celebrations around the World. The focus of the science topic will be 'keeping our teeth healthy and recognising the function of different teeth.' This will lead on to exploring the digestive system and how food travels through our bodies.