Reading in KS2

Individual reading
Children have access to  explore a range of texts within our school library  to support their individual reading development. The children use our library system to select reading books that excite them and that are the correct reading level to help nurture their love of reading.
Novel study shared reading
Each class has a carefully selected Novel study that we use each day for our shared reading sessions. The children are encouraged to read out aloud, share exciting parts of the chapters with each other and discuss the novel as a group alongside a supportive adult who helps to guide the session. The novel is also used as our stimulus for our writing so we jump in with both feet to immerse our self in fantastic language and stories!
Guided Reading
Guided reading takes place everyday through a carousel of exciting activities that really support the development of the children's reading skills. We use VIPERS to ensure the children are aware of all of the different ways they can learn to comprehend what they have read. Each day the children experience a new reading station with differentiated activities such as video comprehension, group novel study with an adult or cracking comprehension guided by their teacher.
Accelerated reader
As a school we use the accelerated reader programme to track the reading of individual children and support them as they develop through different reading ZPD's (zones of proximal development). Children select books at their targeted level and when they have finished the book the children quiz on the book they have read through a series of questions that assess how well they have understood the content. We aim for children to achieve a pass rate of 80% on each quiz and their progress is tracked by their teacher and English coordinator to keep a close eye on how they are developing as a reader. 
Click below for the parents guide to accelerated reader.
Home reading
We would love for every child to read at home every night. The benefit of this is to really instill a life long love of reading within our children. When children have read at home they get a sticker in their reading record and get to move their name on their class chart. This then contributes towards the whole class reward where they get to listen to an adult read their favourite book whilst having a munch on some yummy popcorn. Reading at home not only supports the childrens progress and development but it also strengthens the  bond with adults at home who are invested in listening and talking to thier children about thier book of choice. Click on the picture below to get some tips on how to support children with reading at home.
Guided reading carousel
Have a look at the video below to see what goes on during a typical guided reading session in Seals class.
Recommended Book lists
Have a look at the recommended year group books below. Listed are the top fifty books that are recommended that your child reads. See how many you can read and share them with us when you do!
Click on the photo below for the Year 3 recommended reading list.
Click on the photo below for the Year 5 recommended book list.
Click on the photo below for the Year 4 recommended reading list.
Click on the photo below for the Year 6 recommended book list.