Seals Class

Welcome to Seals Class!

Our teachers are Mrs Rees and Mrs Martin

We are a mixed year class of year 4 and 5 children!

Autumn Term 2018

During our first term our Topic is ‘Plastic in our Ocean’. We will be diving into our topic and discovering about how plastic pollution is impacting our ocean and its inhabitants. In literacy we are putting ourselves in the shoes of people and sea creatures that see the impact of plastic waste every day. We will be learning how to use our persuasive skills to write letters to see if we can make a difference in raising awareness of this topic. In science we are looking at different materials and how long it takes them to decompose, at their different properties and how they affect the environment.

During our art sessions we are looking at combining different mediums to create emotive art work that varies in texture.

Our P.E sessions are revolving around invasion games and different tactics we can use when playing as a team.

We are also going to be spending a lot of time on reflecting on how we treat others and creating a safe learning environment for everyone in our class.


Oh… and we like to have a dance and a giggle along the way too.