Starfish Class

Welcome to Starfish class!

Starfish is the first class children join when they start their journey of learning through Mevagissey School. Our learning is fun, exciting, challenging and encouraging. Our teachers are Mrs Hoare, Miss Bailey and Mrs Gilbert.

Starfish class

Autumn 2018


This half term, Starfish will be learning about different types of weather. We will be observing the weather types each day and talking about how the weather changes each day. We will be drawing and painting pictures to show different weather types, as well as learning the names of the four season.


We will be spending a lot of time developing fine motor control, through exciting activities, as we have noticed that a large proportion of the class are struggling to hold a pencil with an effective grip.

After half term we will be learning about special times the children celebrate. We will be learning songs for the Christmas play.


In Outdoor Schools, children will be getting to know the school grounds and be creating natural art linked to our topic. After half term, the children will be learning to build and light small fires, developing safety skills and team work.


We will be starting Table Time, working in small groups to make ourselves some toast or a bowl of cereal and a drink, as well as continue to develop our table manners. We will be starting our ‘mile’ a day on the school field.

Children will be starting to recognise numerals to 10 and count these amounts accurately. We will be focussing on developing correct number formations when writing these numbers. The children will be learning counting rhymes to support their understanding for numbers. We will move onto practical adding and subtraction as the term progresses.


We will teach phonics daily through Read, Write, Inc. The children will be learning to form letters correctly and write their names. They will also be encouraged to mark make. We have a ‘WOW’ wall display in the classroom and the children are being encouraged to take ownership over which pieces of their learning are displayed.


We will be sending home some ‘WOW’ stars so you can write down any amazing achievements the children make at home. Send them back in, once completed and we will display and celebrate in the classroom.